Recycling at Work

Many articles have been written about recycling at home, yet there isn’t so much about recycling at work. In the real sense, many people spend several hours at work, and it, therefore, makes sense for workplaces and offices to come up with a solid recycling plan. Here are some of the tips that can make recycling at work more manageable.

Have a Strong and Passionate Leadership

Recycling at work is mainly driven by the leaders. They are the ones who make important decisions, such as establishing a recycling point near the office and buying sustainable materials, among other vital choices. It, therefore, works best when the leadership at work shows commitment to recycling.

Knowledge of Waste Stream

A workplace cannot embark on a recycling project unless they know where most of its waste originates. That is why it is essential to learn about where most waste comes from not just around the world but also in the office. This should be both from individuals, and the general contribution of the office, based on what the company does. Knowing the waste stream of the office helps with proper planning and investing.

Distinct Signage and Reminders

Things can be pretty busy in an office. It is therefore easy for employees to forget about recycling. The leaders who are pioneering the project should think of creative ways to mark the recycling points so that staff are constantly reminded where to take their recyclables.

As much as people love and appreciate recycling, it can be challenging to follow through when people are overwhelmed with work. The office management team should therefore send reminders for employees to continue recycling.